Story through Song: Vocal Lessons

Uncover your own unique voice in order to tell that story with a truth that connects in an original way. Learn to craft original songs or study voice through learning your favorite artist's music! Free your natural voice or learn to become a vocal chameleon, singing any genre you like! $15 for 30min lesson or $100 for 10 lessons. 

Exploring Piano

Are you interested in leaning how to play the piano? Whether you are a complete beginner, desire to learn how to play your favorite songs, or want some help with writing your own music, this is the class for you! Set your own pace as you learn the music you want to play! $15 for 30 min lesson or $100 for 10 lessons



Pop, Dance, Folk, Rock, Ballads, Country, Rock

Jessa is a true vocal chameleon, a vocalist with unique voice that can blend in most music styles! Along with experience singing in almost any style with her work as a professional cruise ship singer, she is also incredibly quick!  Her abilities to instantly harmonize and come up with interesting vocal lines will save you time and money in the studio.  She has the pop tone and edge in her vocals to deliver a modern vocal track or a radio jingle.